About me

Always a keyboard kinda guy, I started my career with web design and switched my interest to SEO a few years later.

I dropped out of college when I realized I know more about digital marketing than my professors do, and decided to start a digital marketing agency. That happened in 2007. Been swimming in the SEO waters ever since.

I’m based in beautiful Croatia, Europe, and manage a team of in-house people working together on different marketing projects.

What type of nitty-gritty work I do:

  • Website analysis and best practices guidance (I love using Moz, Majes, ic and SEMrush)
  • Assistance or production of SEO content
  • Collaborate with web developers for proper SEO settings on a website
  • Implementation of A-Z off-site strategy – building website’s authority through safe methods
  • Keyword analysis – developing strategies to increase keyword rankings
  • Prospecting and outreach


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