Choosing a Name for Your E-commerce? These Tools Might Help!


So, you’ve done it. You’ve created this amazing product that you want to share with the world. And, you want to make some money in the process.

Next phase: creating your online store and setting your e-commerce plan in motion.

Sounds easy, right?

Sure, but before all that, there’s one tiny little detail you need to take care of first: coming up with a name for your e-commerce.

Why is Your Business Name So Important?

When it comes to your e-commerce, choosing a memorable name is one of the most important steps towards establishing your online identity.

This can be a challenge, as it is often difficult to come up with creative, new ideas that successfully capture the essence of your business, and are not already taken by others.

A good domain can help you build a brand that will stick in your customers’ minds and help define your target market.

Your business and domain name is usually the first thing your visitors see. The right domain name, along with a great website, will instill a sense of trust in your customers, when it comes to your business and your overall brand.

Online Tools Your E-commerce Can Use

We’ve compiled a list of business and domain name generators that might help you start your e-commerce on the right foot.

To keep things interesting, we’ll join you on your quest to find the perfect name for your brand, by doing some business name searching of our own.

Let’s say that we’ve just decided to start an online company that sells awesome homemade jams (this is just for the purpose of explaining the tools listed below;  no jams were harmed in the making of this article).

Think about using the following tools.

Lean Domain Search

(…) to eliminate the hassle and expense of finding a domain name.

This, according to the site’s creator Matt Mazur, is the main reason for creating Lean Domain Search generator.

This handy generator helps you match your keyword with other words in order to generate a list of available domains to choose from.

Domain name generator list

Lean Domain Search offers hundreds of domain name ideas to choose from.

All results are listed as .com domains. Tools also let you:

  • Sort your results alphabetically, or by popularity or length.
  • Filter your search term by choosing to place it at the beginning or at the end of the generated domain name.
  • Share your results on social media sites.
  • Keep track of your search history.
  • Explore registration options for available domains.
  • Visit the existing website with a domain name previously registered by someone else.
  • Save your favorites by clicking the star next to the listed domain names.
  • Instantly check the availability of your ideas.

In the example above, we’ve searched for all available domains containing word ”jam”. The tool found 2,747 available domains containing ”jam” in 0.48 seconds, which is really impressive.

Some really cool ideas include,,,,, and others.


When you are out of ideas for your business enterprise name, you can also use Dot-o-mator generator to create certain domain name suggestion.

Using this tool is pretty straightforward. You can choose two categories to use as a beginning and an ending to your domain, and receive a list of random options to choose from for your domain name.

Dot-o-mator Domain Name Generator

Or, as shown on the image above, you can choose to enter a word (or words) of your choice in the left box, then choose some endings (or type in your own), and click ”combine”.

With Dot-o-mator you can also:

  • Move your results to the scratchbox and check their availability for online purchase.
  • Get more information about the process of choosing a good domain name.
  • Access Web 2.0 Name Generator for random business names.
  • Use the tool on the go, as it is available as an iOS app as well.

In this case, we went with our good old ”jam” and combined the term with category ”Leaders”.

The tool offered us a list of available domain names to choose from, and among them, we simply loved the idea od

Business Name Generator

Machines might be purely logical, but they excel at helping us think outside our human boxes.

Business Name Generator is a free tool offered by one of the giants in the e-commerce universe – BNG allows you to search for the perfect name for your business, and the appropriate available domain name to go with it.

You simply enter the word you want your business name to include in the generator and click on ‘Generate names‘.

The tool then lists all available domain names associated with the term you entered and lets you choose the one that fits your business brand and your company perfectly.

All the suggestions use .com extension.

Business name generator domain examples

Business Name Generator also lets you do the following:

  • Specify the area that you want your business name ideas to cover, by choosing your business types, such as Clothing Store, Jewelry Store, Flower Shop, Boutique, and others.
  • Instantly reserve your brand name on, by entering your email address, password, and store name.
  • Instantly register your domain name.
  • Create your online store and start your free 14-day trial on Shopify.

As you can see in the image above, we’ve entered our term ”jam” in the generator and looked through the list of available domain names the tool generated.

The tool listed 2,746 available domains containing ”jam” and among them, we’d chose to go with


This tool follows the criteria you enter and its own set of rules to invent new words that you won’t find in a dictionary, but that ”feel and sound” real. 

Wordoids are made-up words.
They look nice and feel great.
They are good for naming things.

It’s as simple as that. Wordoid is an intelligent, naming tool that invents new words with the goal of finding a catchy and unique name for your business, blog, product or domain.

Wordoid is a perfect choice of tools for all those who wish to find a cool and unique name that sounds great but doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Domain name generator tool

As shown in the image above, Wordoid lets you make five choices when generating your name:

  • You can select one language to get wordoids constructed according to the rules of that language, or you can choose two or more to blend the tastes of several languages. Words can be created in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German.
  • You can select the quality of the wordoid. The quality you choose determines how natural or similar the words sound in relation to the language you previously selected. You can select low, medium or high quality.
  • You can select a pattern according to which a wordoid will be constructed. Wordoids may begin with, end with or contain a word of your choice. If you leave the field empty, the tool will generate completely random wordoids.
  • You can choose the length of your wordoid. The system informs you that short wordoids tend to look better than long ones.
  • You can choose whether to show or hide wordoids if both .com and .net domain names are unavailable.

This time, we chose to generate a high-quality wordoid in English, at a maximum of 10 letters and containing term ”jam”.

One wordoid the tool generated was ”jammily” (sounds like a ”jam family”, which is something one can easily connect to the idea of homemade jam) and the site indicated that it was available both as a .com and .net at GoDaddy.


The creators of this easy-to-use naming tool explain their choice of site’s name as something that arrived from wanting to be unique and visual.

Panabee‘ is a mashup between a panda and a bee, and it reflects the core value proposition of the company: mashing together various services to stimulate brainstorming.

With its unique name, Panabee is truly one of the simplest name generators on the Internet. It provides its users with an easy way to search for domain names, app names, social media usernames, or business and personal names.

Using the tool is quite simple.

Panabee encourages you to describe your idea in two words and then click on ‘Search‘. The tool then merges your words, adds or subtracts characters to them, or spells the words backward.

The results page lists all of the domain name ideas associated with your search terms.

Panabee domain name generator

The tool also does the following:

  • If your perfect name is taken, Panabee will offer plenty of suggestions based on your original idea. These are all derived from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends.
  • If you don’t like any of the suggestions, Panabee will offer related terms you can search for instead.
  • Panabee will check for domain availability and encourage you to explore other domain extensions as well.
  • Panabee will show you if your desired domain name is currently used as a social media username.
  • Panabee will allow you to register your available domain name on GoDaddy with a simple click on the domain name.
  • Panabee will display apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store related to your search term.

We’ve entered two words that describe our product in the Panabee generator – ”homemade” and ”jam”, and looked through the suggestions offered.

Although our original term was taken, the generator offered us a great available alternative –


The first impression your customers will get about your e-commerce will be through your website.

Your business name, and therefore, a domain name as well, is an important part of setting up your online presence.

We hope that the tools presented in this article will help you generate new business name ideas that will perfectly describe what your e-commerce is all about, and help you check for their availability in the terms of domain name registration.

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